Bacteria are EVERYWHERE!

Bakteriler Her Yerde

“Microorganisms seminar “was held at TED Malatya College for 4th, 5th and 6th graders by the Head of department of Medical microbiology  Prof.Dr. Çiğdem KUZUCU.
While having fun, our students found the opportunity to learn about the microorganisms that are found in the students ' science curriculum.

In addition, our doctor emphasized the importance of hand washing by providing information about the relationship of hygiene and bacteria.

Finally, having learned the characteristics of bacteria, fungi, and protists and the circumstances in which these groups can live, students found the opportunity to ask questions to our guest.

At the end of the Seminar presentation of flowers was held to our guest by the head of Sciences department and Middle school vice Principal M.Serhat Demir
“It is a privilege to be a student at TED College” In this sense, we’d like to thank Prof.Dr.Çiğdem KUZUCU and Department of Sciences for their contributions.