Kindergarten Education-Teaching Activities



Our Education Concept

The base quality which enables our children to become successful is not the knowledge that they learn at the Kindergarten,in fact, it is ‘’The Social Customs and Attitude’’.“As  TED Malatya College, we give  importance to growing a generation that has free emotions and ideas, is researcher, respectful of his own and other people’s rights, develops empathy and has consciousness of environment.”

We are trying to grow well-qualified people to improve emotional intelligence for maintaining the qualified life.

We keep contact with guidance counselor and parents to provide the cooperation of education.

Working Hours

Between 08:30 am - 4:00 pm on weekdays.

Activities at the Kindergarten

Lessons:English (6 hours a week)

             Ballet  (3 hours a week)


             Art      (3 hours a week)

             Music   (3 hours a week)

             ICT      (3 hours a week)

Art Activities

Painting activities, Studying with waste materials, Projects, Paper work

Turkish Language

Poems, Stories, Nursery Rhymes, Tongue Twisters, Dramatization

Hobby Corner

 Playing-house Corner, Book Corner, Educational Toys Corner, Puppet Corner, Wooden Writing-pad Corner

Reading-Writing Preparation Studies (Cognitive Growth Exercises)

Healthy Diet

In our class there is  breakfast, lunch, afternoon breakfast time. We take care of our children’s health and balanced nutrition.

Recess Hours

Recess hours are between 1 pm-2 pm everyday.


There is no compulsory uniform in our kindergarten. Generally we prefer the clothes especially without trimmings and zips that the students can put on and take off easily.