We enjoyed our traditional spring tournament with lots of exciting competitions!

Bahar Turnuvasi

Our traditional spring tournament was completed with pleasant and exciting competitions. In our spring tournament Futsal (Indoor football), Handkerchief- snatching and volleyball competitions took place. In these competitions our first aim was to encourage students to adopt the insight of “Fair Play”

As a result of competition for the 2015-2016 Academic Year Spring tournament, rankings and grades are as follows:

1st graders: Handkerchief- snatching winner 1/A
2nd graders Handkerchief- snatching winner 2/B
3th graders Handkerchief- snatching winner 3/B
3th graders Futsal winner 3/C
4th graders Handkerchief- snatching winner 4/B
4th graders Futsal winner 4/B
5th graders Volleyball winner 5/A
5th graders Futsal winner 5/C
6th graders Volleyball winner 6/B
6th graders Futsal winner 6/C
7th graders Volleyball winner 7/C
7th graders Futsal winner 7/B
8th graders Volleyball winner 8/B
8th graders Futsal winner 8/B
Thank you to all students who participated in the competition, congratulations to the winning class.
Physical Education Department