We enthusiastically celebrated our 12th Traditional Day of Kuru Fasulye

12. Kuru Fasulye Senligi

We celebrated our 12th traditional Kuru Fasulye Fest enthusiastically. The night started with the service of the meal of Kuru Fasulye at schoolyard at 17.30 and then continued with the visits of the open-air art and ceramic exhibition at our high school garden.

After the visit of the exhibition, the guests went to watch the ceremony organized at the amphitheater. The fest started with the Latin dance show at 19.30. The opening speech was made by the Dean of Faculty of Education, Burhanettin DÖNMEZ and our full scholarship student of 11th grade, Damla DOĞAN.

Our 1st grade collegians were so cute with their shows of classic ballet and modern dance. The guests enjoyed the folk dances from sirtaki to zeybek and halay to the modern dance, bachata presented by our 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders. It was worth to watch the taekwondo and kolbasti shows of our 5th and 6th grade students. At the night attended by our TED graduates, we welcomed to our students who would start at the primary, middle and high schools with a great ceremony. We had really emotional moments at the times of the Flag, Banner and Torch ceremony. Our three successful students from 8th graders nailed their academic year tag on the graduation log in the name of their friends. Later in the night, our students and parents enjoyed the DJ show.

We gave our warm thanks to all who organized this great night and to our students, parents, guests and the graduates who honored us with their attendance to our fest.

We congratulate on our students who will start at our primary, middle and high schools the next academic year. We love you all.