The Principal of The Goethe Institution of Turkey Visited Our School.

Goethe Enstitüsü Türkiye Müdürü Okulumuzu Ziyaret Etti...



As it is known TED Malatya College has started to teach German as a second foreign language in 2013-2014 education year.

Our school’s orchestra gave a mini-concert in honour of the principal of Goethe Institution Dr.Thomas Lier who visited our school in order to inform our students about Goethe Institution exams. After the concert our guest informed the pupils and their parents about Goethe Institution exams in the conference hall. It was stated that one of the main aims of these exams is to prove students’ german level according to the Common European Framework. He explained that TED Malatya College became the Goethe Institution exam center not only in Malatya but also around the whole region and he added that the students outside the school can also be accepted for the exam. Moreover, Mr. Lier expressed that the validity of the certificate taken from these exams will last forever and this certificate is enough to prove the language proficiency towards the employers. Besides this certificate is accepted by preparation classes of universities.Briefly, the pupils had the chance to ask questions about german language and proficiency exam to our German guest. We’d like to thank Mr. Lier for visiting our school.