Our High School Students Received Speaking and Diction Training Certificates

Liseli Kolejliler Diksiyon ve Hitabet Sertifikalarını Aldılar...



Good diction is not a hobby, it is a necessary for everyone to express themselves. Our students have learned the particulars of skillful speech. Even though individual students have analyzed many a theme they all have learned the following subjects:


Voice training and correct breathing


Stress and intonation

Effective use of body language and improvisation

Correct pronunciation

Standard use of Turkish (Istanbul accent)

Correct reading-listening-speaking

Public speaking

Overcoming anxiety about public speaking

Communication skills

Exercising the voice organs using articulation excercises

Correct pronunciation of non-phonetic spelling in Turkish,

The importance of having an artful and theatrical stance


Objective of our Public Speaking and Diction Training

Our students have learned the particulars of the art of Public Speaking and Diction, in our program which targets more than just teaching correct speech. An individual who can use his/her voice and body language accurately will have good communication skills.

At a time when many a firm requires employees to take lessons in diction, we believe by providing the Voice and Diction Training to freshmen in our high school, we are giving our students the opportunity for a head start in life. We will continue our Opportunities Program in the second semester with a class in “Entrepreneurship”


The students who have successfully completed our Public Speaking and Diction training, which startted on September 9, 2013, were issued their certificates by the high school principal İsmail Özçelik and class teacher Sibel Kömürcüler.