We Have Just Held Our 10th Annual Science Project Exhibition

Students in 5th, 6th and 7th grades at TED Malatya College did projects in their Science and Technology class and they displayed them in Malatya Park Mall on February 16 -17. This event hastraditionally been organized for 10 years. The exhibition displayed over 40 interesting projects completed by students with the guidance of Çiğdem ÖZDEMİR and Mehmet SerhatDEMİR and Mert Ali DAĞ. It received great attention from Malatyans who were visiting the mall during the exhibition. Among a number of project topics our students chose one that interested them and they put great effort to complete their projects. Getting the opportunity to display and share their projects with others increased their love for Science and Technology lesson and also helped them in socializing.

This year the theme of the exhibition was recycling and the center piece of the attention was “Recycling Car” which was made with over 3.000 plastic bottles. Science and Technology teachers ÇiğdemÖZDEMİR, Mehmet Serhat DEMİR, Visual Arts teacher EmreEMEKTAR and classroom teacher Yusuf Özkanworked together to complete the project.

During the exhibition people’s environmental attitudes were tested by a simple activity. A bunch of waste paper and plastic bottles were dropped somewhere in the mall and students followed who would pick it up and put them in the recycle bins. Many people stepped on the paper and plastic bottle and walked away butone responsible young man noticed them and put them in the recycle bins. His good behaviorreceived great appreciation and applause from the students of Ecology Club. The young man who exhibited an environmentally friendly behavior was awarded by TED College with a certificate of appreciation for being an environmentally friendly person. We thank to all our teachers, students and parents who invested time and effort, and took part in the event.


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