Collegians Are Solving The Tests In The Mood of Competition With Voting Pads...

   Our college uses interactive classroom materials such as computer,projector, smart board and test solving system with remote controls in all lessons. Especially thanks to test solving system with remote control (Voting Pad) solving the problems is more fun for our collegians.

   In the remote controls which were defined specifically for each student, there are A,B,C,D and empty options. The answers of each student are registered in the computers of their teachers automatically thanks to wireless technology.And the answers of students can be seen immediately by their teachers.

   Besides, the percentage of right and wrong answers of students, the students’ problem solving ratio for each question, and each student’s right,wrong,empty answers can be reported. Not only problem solving is more fun with Voting Pad, but also the students’ participation in class increases and teachers can be sure whether the students learnt the lesson or not.

   All of our teachers who used Voting Pads in their classes emphasized the importance of Voting Pads.Also they pointed out that students can compare the right answers of the problems with the wrong answers in their memory so they can change their wrong answers with the right ones immediately. The students explicited that thanks to this exercise they could solve much more problem and the classes had more fun.

   Moreover, a system for parents to learn the tests results from the Student Information Portal will be created soon. By this way the parents will be able to follow the students’ success profile from the system.