You are welcome to our Republic Day Ball...

We are meeting at our Republic Day Ball to share the joy of the Republic.


Born out of the light of Republic, the Turkish Education Association has been operating for 84 years. As the most established non-governmental organization in Turkey, we will continue bringing up individuals who take our country forward, with our 25 schools which illuminate education world; university, representatives, student residence, grad associations and sports clubs.

We are proud of being an association established by significant figures who are among the founders of the Republic under the leadership of Atatürk.

This year, we would like to meet you at our annual Republic Day Ball to celebrate the 89th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic.

We will be very glad to see our honorable guests on this special event in which Candan ERÇETİN will perform her great songs.

Your donations to our association will light the future of our students.