Regional Principals’ Meeting of TED College Foundation is held at Our School.

TED Okullari Bolge Mudurler Toplantisi

On the 5th-6th June, 2016, regional principals meeting of TED College Foundation was hosted by TED Malatya College in order to strengthen communication and cooperation among regional principals.

The meeting was held with the participation of Ahmet ŞABA, the committee chairman of TED Ege College; Arif SIRRI ŞİRİN, the principal of TED Kayseri College; İrfan URHAN, the principal of TED İzmir College; Kerim BARÇIN, the principal of TED Karabük College; Serdar AYDIN, the principal of TED Hatay College; and İsmail ÖZÇELİK, the principal of Malatya. By evaluating 2015-2016 the academic year of TED Headquarters and TED Colleges, the objectives and plans of 2016-2017 academic year were shared.