The last personal art exhibition of the year opened by Sıla Ilgın TONAK, class 7C

Sila Ilgin Tonak Sergi

Nothing is coincidence in art, even any movement (E. DESAS)


We totally agree that art is not coincidence and needs efforts. Hence, we make our students personalize this notion in our school. The best way to show this is the personal art exhibitions produced with great efforts of our students. We, TED Malatya College, opened the last personal art exhibition of the year by Sıla Ilgın TONAK from the class 7C.  


The paintings, collages and puzzle works made with the acrylic technique of our student were appreciated by her teachers and friends with a great interest. Specialist Celal TÜRKER, the school principal, made the opening speech of the exhibition. Our student made the speech of thanks and then cut the ribbon and cake. The guests enjoyed the exhibition accompanied by music and showed a great interest to the works of our student. At the exhibition, a special diary was prepared for Sıla. We thanked all especially Bahriye BEKEN, our art teacher for preparing this unforgettable day.


Dear Sıla Ilgın,

We believe that you will be successful in your whole life and we, as a TED family, are proud of you. We wish to see you in such successful events in the future. We love you.