To Read the Column of Sevilay YÜKSELİR Who is Journalist and author…

Dear Sevilay Yükselir who is the author of Sabah newspaper and programmer of news channel visited our school on 30th of November,2012.In this conversation organized by newspaper club and in which 5th grade students participated,many questions were asked to our guest.Then collegians had her autograph.After she informed about her occupation in this conversation which took approximately an hour,she had information about our school.Our guest who was impressed by the architecture of our school said that our school is in compliance with the European standards.She stated that she was going to mention about our school and students in the column of Sabah newspaper on Sunday.She also stated that she was going to invite our students of club to show the facilities of Sabah newspaper and channel A in the forthcoming days.We thank her for this conversation.

     Click here for reading the column of journalist Sevilay Yükselir about our school in Sabah newspaper.